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reOrder – design development

Analyzing the light transmission, flexibility, tensile strength and jointing methods for the fabric in a quarter scale mock-up. The curators of the Brooklyn Museum visited the studio to discuss the design.

Brooklyn Museum reOrder work

Some work-in-progress of our ‘reOrder’ project for the Brooklyn Museum; a large installation in the Hall of the Americas. Setting up to sew some fabric studies in muslin, with a quick and dirty compression ring prototype.

Over the past week we’ve also been working at 1/8″ scale with a model of the Hall which we’re borrowing from the Museum.

"Collecting Architecture"

“USM and Felix Burrichter proudly present “Collecting Architecture,” an exhibition of literary selections by Barry Bergdoll, Daniel Libeskind, Martino Gamper, Charles Renfro, SITU Studio, Carmen Spera, Solid Objectives, and Didier Faustino — on view at the USM showroom from May 17 through May 21, 2010.”

SITU STUDIO’s selection: McMaster-Carr catalog.

The 3,856-page, bright-yellow McMaster catalog is the book that is always around in our office, letting us pore through “over 480,000 products”, supplies, and materials to discover that very specific and essential part that, without fail, arrives in the mail the following day.

Solar Pavilions covered in PIN-UP Magazine

Covered in the Spring/Summer 2010 Issue of PIN-UP magazine.

Click here to see full pdf.

Storm King At 50

We’ve been working with 2×4 over the past couple months on a large terrain model and projection system for the Storm King Art Center.  The piece will be part of the Storm King At 50 exhibition.  While on a recent site visit we enjoyed an informal tour of the grounds, taking a moment to admire the masonry of Andy Goldsworthy‘sStorm King Wall”.  The exhibition will open on June 5th, 2010.

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