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Structuring Fabric – reOrder

Smocking, pleating, stitching, stretching, folding, and other techniques for giving structure to fabric. Studies for reOrder, and an image from the book “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolf.

Murata Color Wave

As an entry piece for the The Creators Project Launch Event in NYC VICE hired us to develop and fabricate a multilayered mural based on still from an animation by Takeshi Murata.

The Creators Project is a new, multi-disciplinary initiative headed by VICE and Intel to showcase work through contemporary media platforms. It also doubles as a worldwide creative studio for artists to work and collaborate while being free to use the medium of their choice.

The vibrant painting was done by JJ Snyder Studio.

The Wave is currently en route for the next Creator’s Project event in London.

Storm King At 50 – history in 3D

On Saturday June 5th, Storm King Art Center celebrated their 50th.  For the exhibition Storm King At 50 we worked in collaboration with 2×4 to create a high resolution terrain model and projection system which presents the 50 year history of the site.

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