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reOrder – scan of pin-up wall

Material discussed during recent design charrette.

Solar Pavilions book – in progress

MTWTF is designing a book on the Solar Pavilion series. This week we reviewed concept designs and layouts.

We’ve launched a mobile device website. An abbreviated version of our main website and formatted for touch-screen viewing, it offers a quick overview of the practice while on the move. Viewing from a mobile device will automatically route to the mobile site.

Bil In Report

Situ Studio’s report instrumental in reopening investigation into death of demonstrator during April 2009 West Bank protest:

View B’Tselem’s Press Release
View Situ Studio’s Report

This report was created by Situ Studio for Goldsmith’s College London’s Forensic Architecture Project and the human rights organization B’Tselem.

Project Team: Situ Studio with Therese Diede & Shiouwen Hong

5 Years!

On Saturday July 17 we took a moment to celebrate five successful years of business with a rooftop barbecue.

Space shuttle Discovery being prepared for launch. Time-lapse video by Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman and Philip Scott Andrews. To learn more about the project, see the article which appeared in Air & Space here.

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