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reOrder mock-up

ReOrder in progress, detail

ReOrder in progress, detail

Fabric gathering studies for reOrder

Sukkahs of East Williamsburg

Sukkahs of Williamsburg

Photos taken last week on morning commute between Williamsburg and Dumbo

Disputed Islands in the East China Sea

Disputed Islands in the East China Sea

A 40-year territorial dispute between Japan and China over a chain of uninhabited islands in the East China sea has come to a head this week after Japanese officials arrested the captain of a Chinese boat that collided with a Japanese Coast Guard vessel.

The Japanese refer to the islands as the Senkaku, while the Chinese refer to them as the Diaoyu.

Ian Johnson covered the incident and its significance in his New York Times article earlier this month.

Croatia’s Floating Pavilion

Croatia’s floating pavilion was constructed in the Kraljevica shipyard from the barge’s cargo and 30 tons of welded Q385 wire mesh in more than 40 layers of varying contours. A collaboration between 16 architects and the maritime industry, it was towed by a tug boat across the bay to the Venice Biennale via the port city of Rijeka.

Smith-Putnam Wind Turbine

Photos of the construction of the experimental Smith-Putnam Wind Turbine, built during the early 1940s. The first mega-watt sized wind turbine “operated for 1,100 hours before a blade failed at a known weak point, which had not been reinforced due to war-time material shortages. It would be the largest wind turbine ever built until 1979.” (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Jan. 1981 issue, pg. 24)

From the private collection of Carl Wilcox in the possession of Paul Gipe. More photos and information about the project is available at

Clouds Above the Ocean

Clouds reflected on the surface of the ocean. August 7th, 2010, 10pm, 62°34’N 17°57’W.
Photos © Sigfús Breiðfjörð.

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