Forensics Model Grid

Not unlike the technology used for Google Street View, rasterphotogrammetry reconstructs spatial relationships from basic ground-level photographs of an environment or event. Specialized self-calibrating and panoramic equipment merges the technologies of lasers and cameras, automatically generating 3D models. The digital model geometry is determined by compiled coordinates, collected through polyline tracing and point clouds of repeated objects over several photographs, and the model’s surface is textured with photograph imagery.

The full model maintains accurate measurements of the original environment and allows unlimited re-measuring, particularly useful in crime scene investigation. This reconstruction nearly eliminates the need for exhaustive data collection from disparate sources, including records, reports, and witness testimonies. Forensic models have proved instrumental in court cases that involve highly detailed or physically deconstructed scenes, or in cases that have resurfaced with new questions or unanticipated possibilities. (Images: DeltaSphere)