Situ Studio was invited to present recent work at the 2011 Open Video Conference, held September 17-19 at the New York Law School and participated in a session organized and moderated by Sam Gregory of Witness titled: Validating and Verifying Citizen Video: Combating the Digital Fake. The session explored a broad spectrum of approaches to the authentication of citizen video.  Situ Studio presented its work for B’tselem that used multiple video sources for the spatial reconstruction and analysis of Bassem Abu Rahme’s death in the West Bank village of Bil’in. Also presenting were Sarah Knuckey – Director, Project on Extrajudicial Executions, New York University, Harlo Holmes – mobile developer and media scholar currently working for The Guardian Project, and David Clinch, Editorial Director of Coming from the vantages of vastly different disciplines, each of the panelists provided unique approaches to the challenges of authenticating video footage. Notes from the session can be found here.