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Newly published evolution textbook features Maloof/Situ Studio research

The Trezona Fossil research that Situ Studio conducted with Professor Adam Maloof is featured in Carl Zimmer and Douglas Elmen’s textbook titled “Evolution: Making sense of Life.”  The work appears in the chapter titled: What Rocks Say: How Geology and Paleontology Reveal the History of Life. Very exciting to see this research codified into the foundational texts for evolutionary biology!

The textbook is designed for university level biology majors.

The top of the page is an image from the Trezona fossil reconstruction we worked on with Adam.

Fossil Lab at Princeton


Construction has begun on the digital fossil reconstruction lab we are working on with Adam Maloof, professor in the department of Geosciences at Princeton University. Situ and Adam are currently building an instrument that will become the centerpiece of the lab: an automated serial grinder/imager. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation and will be complete in January. We will be posting more images and fossil lab updates in the coming months, but in the meantime, check out the TEDxCooperUnion talk, where we spoke with Adam about the project.

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