Lebbeus Woods cast a long shadow.

The first time we encountered Lebbeus was when our first year professor, Raimund Abraham, invited him to our final review.  Before the review Raimund had us build a long rectangular table on top of which sat all of our ultra-cal concrete models. Pinned up on the wall behind, were all of our drawings. We all sat around the table between the drawings and the models – 35 students, Raimund and Lebbeus.  That day was not a day of juries, nor of critiques. All of the hard work of the semester was done. Raimund and Lebbeus brought us all together that day to celebrate the spirit of architecture and to pass on to us the joy and poetics of space.  We are forever indebted to them for this.

Lebbeus passed away the eve of hurricane Sandy. His absence will be felt but we are grateful for everything he has left us in work and in spirit.  At a moment like this, when we are forced to begin to think about rebuilding after an event that has so radically changed our landscape and infrastructure, Lebbeus’ work provides continued inspiration and guidance.