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Design Lab: Sandbox Opening

A couple weeks ago we finished installing Sandbox, the first of four new workshop spaces that make up Design Lab at the New York Hall of Science. Now open to the public, Sandbox first opened its gates during the New York Hall of Science’s event ReMake the Holidays.


The four-day event welcomed families to come in “to bend, twist, light, sculpt and animate a new version of the holiday season” with workshops, demos, artist installations, and more. The open landscape of Sandbox was perfect for the hands-on projects of ReMake the Holiday’s theme of  “Build It,” and on December 28th the Sandbox was filled with kids building dowel structures.


With some help from their parents and the Maker Space staff, the kids explored building technique and structure by piecing together 3-foot dowels with rubber bands.


These same components will be utilized in the New York Hall of Science’s “Engineering Day” on February 17th, and will be integral to future programming at the Museum.


Curious as to what we will be working on next in the Design Lab? Check out the rest of the workshop spaces here.

Structural engineering by Laufs Engineering Design (LED).

All photographs courtesy of Andrew Kelly for New York Hall of Science 

Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art Opening at the American Folk Art Museum

This past Tuesday we celebrated the opening of Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art at the American Folk Art Museum.  The exhibit is open to the general public for free and will be on display from now until April 23rd, 2014.





An image from the installation "Folk Couture" at the American Folk Museum in New York City designed by Situ Studio.

 Photo by John Muggenborg

Exhibition Design – Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art

For the past few months we have been experimenting with new materials for our exhibition design with the American Folk Art Museum. The exhibition, Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art, showcases original ensembles from thirteen designers inspired by objects from the museum’s permanent collection. The results will be displayed alongside the original folk art objects; exploring the boundless relationship between inspiration and creation.

-Process 2

Photo by Patrick Mandeville.

We sought to find a flexible material to create a system that could be customized to respond to different objects while providing  tactile and visual continuity to the show. Inspired by the draping of a dress form, we chose to work with concrete impregnated fabric to create a series of custom pedestals specifically crafted for the garment or object it holds.


Photo by Patrick Mandeville.

The process of constructing the pedestals involved building a series of simple armatures from which the concrete canvas was suspended upside-down and saturated with water.

Pedestal sm

Once cured, the result is a series of light-weight, structurally sufficient, modified-catenary forms that appear to float and billow upwards, grounded only by the weight of the objects they support.

Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art will be on display from January 21st- April 23rd, 2014 at the American Folk Art Museum.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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