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Design Industry Dinner


On October 20th, we transformed our Brooklyn Navy Yard shop for a special evening featuring architect and renegade chef Benjamin Walmer. Working with Silver Lining Interiors, we invited friends and collaborators from New York City’s design community – architects, interior designers, artists, and innovators – to our facility to enjoy a multi-course feast. Part-culinary experience, part-community building, the event celebrated our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and the vibrant community the Brooklyn Navy Yard is fostering.


A continuation of his Highlands Dinner Club, chef Benjamin Walmer sourced local ingredients from our Yard neighbor, Brooklyn Grange, and set up back of house on-site at the Navy Yard. The entire dinner was a collaborative effort, featuring nine different sponsors who contributed with different food or drink offerings. Integrating SITU’s design and fabrication work into the meal the first course of assorted charcuterie, cheese, and pickles was served on composite salvers SITU made especially for the event.


Wowing the crowd with whole grilled octopus, cider braised pork shoulder, and a steamship round that showcased fall vegetables, the meal was fortified by wine provide by Saveur Selects, and brews from Brooklyn Brewery, who is in the process of moving their operation to the yard.


One of the highlights of the night was the unplugging of the chocolate sculpture we designed in coordination with Mast chocolate. Suspended in a thermoformed cavity, melted chocolate flowed onto a mountainous platform below, coating fresh fruit in a vanilla chocolate drizzle.

situ-fabrication-238                situ-fabrication-240

Thank you to all of our collaborators: Copper Fox Distillery, Fleischer Craft Butchery, Profeta Farms, Metropolitan Seafood, Ironbound Farm, Vos Selections, Brooklyn Brewery, Mast Chocolate, Brooklyn Grange, Mezcal Santa Pedrera, and Mezcal Buenbicho.

Coverage of the event will appear in edible Brooklyn and Food + Wine Magazine.

Installation at Stommeln Synagogue



Walid Raad and SITU collaborated to design and build an installation for Stommeln Synagogue, a historic institution in Pulheim, Germany that hosts exhibits by acclaimed artists each year.

Building on a 30-year tradition of artists commissioned to re-imagine the synagogue’s interior, Raad and SITU developed a project that probes the historical, social, and political forces that generate new types of space, while inviting the viewer to question and explore the nature of this transformation. As essay about the project written by

The exhibit titled, Those that are near. Those that are far., was on view from June 8th through September 25th.

The following text accompanied the  installation:

With this work, we imagine the Stommeln synagogue as a departure and arrival point; an entry and an exit; a beginning and an end; a site for goings and comings; from above to below or below to above; from here to there or there to here; from far to near and near to far.

Cartels, refugees, dissidents, smugglers, prisoners, occupiers and occupied alike generate innovative spatial strategies. They do not enter and exit through the front door, the window or even the back porch. They unsettle social and legal boundaries, link inside and outside, private and public – crisscrossing vertical and horizontal strata – operating in equal parts logic and will.

These material tunnels are complemented by immaterial ones, a tunneling of vision, sound, light, and heat. No need to physically traverse space to reach the other side. Just send a wavelength through bodies, walls, floors, and ceilings and see what lurks on the other side.

Brought up to the light or descending into darkness? No. Hide in plain sight. Brought down by light.


View from mezzanine


Detail of the interior


Exterior of the synagogue


A catalog of the exhibition is forthcoming.

Some select press on the installation can be found here:


Frankfurter Allgemeine


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