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Hava Opening Event


Some photos taken by our good friend Keith Sirchio at the opening of the Hava Nagila exhibition on Wednesday evening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.


Hava Nagila Opening with MTWTF at the Museum of Jewish Heritage


Last night we celebrated the opening of “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage with our design partners at MTWTF. The show opens to the public today and will be on view at the museum until May 2013.

Photograph by Keith Sirchio

Above one of the 7 sound domes, each playing a different version of the song.

Installing Hava Nagila exhibition from Situ Studio on Vimeo.

Hava Nagila Installation


We are in the process of installing sound domes for the “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People” exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The domes will be installed with motion sensors that activate to 5 play different landmark versions of the song. The show opens September 13th at the museum in lower Manhattan.

Preparing sound dome for installation


Motion sensor assembly for speaker activation

Hava Nagila Sound Domes


We’ve begun fabrication on the seven custom-designed sound domes for the “Hava Nagila” exhibition. Each sound dome is comprised of twelve unique ACP pedals CNC routed and scored. The scoring is not only aesthetic, but allows for additional material flexibility when bending the ACP into its final parabolic form.

The twelve flat routed and scored ACP panels

Panels being pinned to a central plate which will also support the internal speaker

Hava Nagila: Sound Domes


For the exhibition, “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People,” we will be constructing seven custom-designed parabolic sound domes. The sound domes will feature an etched patterned exterior and a mirror interior surface.

Above is a collection of sound dome prototypes we created at a 1:12 scale exploring etching patterns, edge treatment and the overall shape of the parabolic form.

The sound domes will be constructed out of aluminum composite panel which has been generously donated by Nudo.

The photo above, of a 1:1 sound dome prototype we developed in our studio, shows the interior mirror finish of the dome and how it reflects the colors, images and people throughout the space.

Hava Nagila: Carpet Modules


We’ve begun fabricating carpet modules for the exhibition, “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People,” opening on September 13th at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. To make the modules, which vary in size and depth, FLOR carpet tiles are trimmed, scored, and folded around MDF frames which will ultimately be mounted to the walls and ceilings of the exhibition.

one of the smaller modules

there will be over 300 in total

Hava Nagila: A Song for the People


For the past few months we’ve been developing prototypes for an upcoming exhibition we are designing in collaboration with our neighbors MTWTF titled “Hava Nagila: A Song for the People” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The exhibition, which will open on September 13th, explores the history of this song from its origins in 19th century Ukraine all the way through its diverse and eclectic contemporary incarnations.  Below are a few mock-ups that we have been working on that incorporate content from the exhibition as laser etched images and text into carpet tile. Much of the exhibition material will be displayed this way. We will be posting more progress on this project in the coming weeks. Thank you to FLOR for joining as material sponsor of this exhibition.

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