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The Self-Portrait Project

The Self-Portrait Project passed through the Brooklyn Museum at the beginning of the month, using one of the reOrder columns as a backdrop. As described on the project’s website “The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that seeks to capture the zeitgeist of New York City and beyond. It is essentially a glorified photobooth utilizing a large, two-way mirror, with a camera set up on the transparent side and the participant located on the mirror side. Using a remote trigger & the mirror’s reflection, the participant chooses how and when to shoot him/herself.”

Sukkahs of East Williamsburg

Sukkahs of Williamsburg

Photos taken last week on morning commute between Williamsburg and Dumbo

Clouds Above the Ocean

Clouds reflected on the surface of the ocean. August 7th, 2010, 10pm, 62°34’N 17°57’W.
Photos © Sigfús Breiðfjörð.

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