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Interior Design Best of Year


Last night reOrder won an Interior Design Best of Year award in the Large Exhibition / Installation category! The formidable competition included Lantern Wonderland by CL3 Architects, Les Lalanne by Peter Marino Architect and Exhale Environment by Phu Hoang Office & Rachely Rotem Studio. Big thanks to project sponsor, Sunbrella, for insisting that we submit the project.

The Latino List



A exhibition of photographs by Timothy Greenfield Sanders has recently opened at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition titled The Latino List is comprised of 25 large format color portraits presented on the four interior walls within Situ Studio’s reOrder installation and on display through December 11.

The Self-Portrait Project

The Self-Portrait Project passed through the Brooklyn Museum at the beginning of the month, using one of the reOrder columns as a backdrop. As described on the project’s website “The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that seeks to capture the zeitgeist of New York City and beyond. It is essentially a glorified photobooth utilizing a large, two-way mirror, with a camera set up on the transparent side and the participant located on the mirror side. Using a remote trigger & the mirror’s reflection, the participant chooses how and when to shoot him/herself.”

reOrder opening

Situ Studio celebrated the completion of reOrder at the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday event on March 5.

Photos by Keith Sirchio

Transforming the Great Hall

In conjunction with the reOrder installation, we have been recording time-lapse video. Created by a camera that moved 700 feet over 3 weeks, taking a photograph every 2 minutes, the video presents 200 hours of installation work.

Video by Situ Studio with Nathan Levine-Heaney and Jeffrey Blair

reOrder Installation

We have begun installation in the Brooklyn Museum’s Great Hall. Hardware is rigged on each of the sixteen columns, while fabric is draped and canopies begin to take shape across the grand Beaux Arts space. The installation will open on March 4.

reOrder Mock-up

A full-scale mock-up for reOrder was built around a 25-foot column at a construction site on Manhattan’s West Side.

reOrder mock-up

ReOrder in progress, detail

ReOrder in progress, detail

Fabric gathering studies for reOrder

reOrder – scan of pin-up wall

Material discussed during recent design charrette.

Structuring Fabric – reOrder

Smocking, pleating, stitching, stretching, folding, and other techniques for giving structure to fabric. Studies for reOrder, and an image from the book “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolf.

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