July 14, 2016

SITU Studio Participates in Storefront for Art and Architecture's Sharing Models: Mahattanisms

SITU Studio has been selected to participate in Storefront for Art and Architecture's exhibition Sharing Models: Manhattanisms. Sharing Models: Manhattanisms proposes 30 visions for the city by 30 international architects. Taking the form of 30 models, each a section of Manhattan, they establish analytical, conceptual, and physical frameworks for inhabiting and constructing urban space. Together, the 30 sections present a visionary composite model of the island of Manhattan, one of the most dense and iconic urban areas in the world. 

July 14th Exhibition Opening: 7-9pm, 97 Kenmare St, New York, NY [RSVP

Exhbition Dates:
July 15th-September 2nd, 2016 



Date Title: 
July 14, 2016